Local Business Roundtable

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association has invited the storefront businesses across our neighborhood to participate in a Local Business Roundtable on February 27th at 6 pm at the Robbie Waters Library.

One thing that sets our community association apart from most other associations in Sacramento is our inclusivity of membership: any resident or business owner in the Pocket-Greenhaven area.  Our inclusivity of membership is intentional, as one of our goals is to ensure all voices are at the table to protect, educate, and better our community. We hope by encouraging our local business owners to attend our meetings we can help better promote a “shop local” community campaign while also helping to address business concerns such as seasonal promotions, events, or chronic landlord/tenant issues. It is our goal that by organizing an informal local business roundtable we can help galvanize stronger support for our neighborhood businesses and help business owners navigate challenges when needed.

Residents and loall cal business owners welcome.

Please submit questions or agenda topics to info@pocketgreenhaven.org.


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